2008 Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo

318aRrMG4rL._SS500_The 2008 Spanish Quarter (55%) Cabernet Sauvignon (45%) Tempranillo is sourced from Estate vineyards in the Costers del Segre area of the Catalan region in Northeast Spain. This area is primarily known for producing Cava and the vineyards are subject to wide temperature extremes, below freezing in the winter and the high 90’s in summer. A readily available supermarket wine (should be available for $10 and under, I found it for $7), but seems to have a better pedigree than most wines made for the grocery store, estate grapes grown in an interesting region and with a somewhat unique blend. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is a very purple, not quite Barney purple, but pretty purple. The nose is cherry juice, blueberry fruit rollups, a little newly mown lawn and a bit of chocolate chip cookies cooking in the oven. This is a medium to full bodied wine with soft, smooth fruit. It starts with strong sweet black cherry (fresh fruit sweet, not sugar sweet)  and raspberry tea over a foundation of Dove chocolate. The mid palate adds a touch of silky vanilla and a zap of tart tangerine. The tannins a fairly subdued, but the acidity is in solid supply and gives this seven buck wine some decent length. The main body of the finish fades quickly, but a faint echo keeps hanging on.

The Spanish Quarter Red is a pretty good wine to find when the fancy wine shops are closed. Not a huge bargain, there are a whole bunch of around ten dollar Spanish wines that hit hard, but a solid, easy to find, Red blend that will rock a Chipolte Burrito or a BBQ chicken pizza is good wine to have in your wine rack.

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  1. jenny ryan says:

    Where can I buy The Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon wine a fried brought me a bottle from Spain and it
    was great I live in Northern Ireland and wondered if it is possible to order online.

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