16883The 2008 Kila Cava Brut is sourced from several communes (a group of independent grape growers) in the Penedes area (that is where 95% of all Cava’s are produced) in the Catalonia region in northeast Spain. It is a blend of the three traditional grapes used for producing Cava, 35% Macabeo, 40% Xarel.lo and 25% Parellada. This wine is made in the Traditional Method, the same as Champagne, where the second fermentation occurs in each individual bottle, then each bottle is aged an additional year before it is released. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is a pale wheat yellow with plentiful small, tight bubbles. The nose is lemon, with a touch of baking bread, a little apple and a hint of lime. It tastes of green apples and lemon chiffon, the fruit and citrus is emphasized over the yeasty, bread flavors. The mid palate brings pear and a nice slap of acidity. The acidity helps the finish linger on and on and on.

The Kila Cava is a first rate Sparkling wine, especially considering you should be able to find it for well under ten bucks. The Kila Cava is a natural for holiday parties, cheap, well made, and fruit forward enough to be very, very drinkable.

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