2008 Erotic Cellars Forplay Chardonnay

2005_forplayThe 2008 Erotic Cellars Forplay Chardonnay is a label made by Stanger Wines out of Paso Robles, California. If you see “California” on the wine label, that indicates that the grapes were sourced from more than one AVA(American Viticulture Area). If you notice, Forplay is misspelled, that is because Naked Winery of Washington already has a Foreplay wine. Erotic Cellars does not list any technical information on their Chardonnay, but since the 2008 vintage is the current release, it had to have a good bit of time in oak barrels. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is a pale butter yellow, with a slight amber tint. The nose is banana, butterscotch, melon, green apple and lemon/lime. There is a soft, lush mouthfeel, it tastes of apple, tangerine, a little touch of grapefruit, not complex or layered, but a nice mellow combination of fruit and citrus flavors. The mid-palate brings in some of light butter and lime. There is a decent amount of acidity and the finish is light, but does linger.

With a name like Erotic Cellars Forplay Chardonnay, you would expect a silky smooth, hedonistically rich and voluptuous wine, but what you get is a very nice, polite, easy to get along with Chardonnay. The Forplay Chardonnay has some things going for it, balanced lightly oaked flavors, good tasting fruit and citrus, it is just that its name has you expecting something a bit different.

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