2007 Yamhill Valley Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir

08EstPinotNoir_B_fitbox_250x6502007 Yamhill Valley Vineyards Pinot Noir is sourced from McMinnville and Willamette Valley AVA’s in Oregon. As the extraction factor in Pinot seems to reach ever higher peaks of density, I find myself wondering what on earth has happened to the glorious feminine side of this grape. The masculine style of this varietal is becoming rapidly over represented, in my estimate, and though these muscle car Pinots can be excellent and vastly enjoyable, I insist that if any grape has claim to a tiara, it is Pinot Noir. few other varietals can make such sweeping leaps from quiet austerity to lush sumptuousness, all while holding herself as proud and elegant as any queen, every inch of her stately body exuding nobility and proper breeding.

In the case of the Yamhill, we see a lovely example of American Marsannay. Perhaps an eyebrow raiser of a combination to which, no doubt, many will object. On the nose, cracked, dry earth and tart strawberry dominate. To the eye is revealed a soft, almost demure shade of rose. Offered to the palate , this Pinot is high toned with a coarseness of fruit that may not appeal to those whom are seeking more of a ripened fruit bomb. Wines that display this sort of rustic structure have a charm all their own, but it can take a little consideration and thought exploration. For those intrigued by some of the lighter bodied Burgundies, this style will hit the mark with aplomb. At 12.2%, we have a decidedly light glass, which opens us to the possibility of more to flow across our lips, and as such, plenty of time to become intimate with this style of wine, cheers!

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