2006 Markham Merlot

The Markham Napa Merlot is sourced from multiple estate Napa Valley vineyards. Markham has been one of the leaders in California Merlot for years. Merlot fell on hard times after the movie “Sideways” came out (that was a really dopey reason to stop drinking Merlot), but Merlot has been coming back strong in recent years and at much better prices. When the 2006 Markham Merlot came out it sold for over $25, but today you can find it on sale for $15 or less.

This luscious Merlot is from 2006, but since I have no clue how it was properly stored (found it sitting on a shelf in the office at work), I was a bit skeptical at first sip. I am not familiar with this vineyard, but with a name like Markham and its history dating back to 1879, boy was I shocked at how smooth this wine drinks. Mellow on the tongue, sparks of fresh berries and a hint of oak, this wine is sure to please and for $15 a bottle, you will feel like royalty sipping glass after glass. A true merlot that won’t break the bank.

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