19crimesred2012The 2012 19 Crimes Red Wine is a blend of Shiraz and Durif sourced from vineyards in South Eastern Australia. Shiraz and Durif translated from Australian to American is Syrah and Petite Sirah. The 19 Crimes referenced in the brand name refers to the 19 felonies you could commit that would get you shipped out of England to the Australian Penal Colony. My favorite is #5,  Impersonating an Egyptian, I looked it up and it turns out Egyptian was the term for a Gypsy fortune teller. I think I break one of these 19 laws at least once a week and nobody gives me a free trip to Australia. The 2012 grape harvest in Australia was rated an Outstanding vintage. The alcohol content is a positively mild for an Australian Shiraz 13%. The label has a 19th century mug shot of one of the deportees and the bottle has a matte black finish. This wine should be available for $10 to $13.

The color is a shiny ruby red with black highlights. The nose is blackberry, blueberry, plums along with a dash of pepper and toasty vanilla. The 19 Crimes is on the lighter side for a Shiraz, but has full flavor. On the palate there is a mix of tart raspberries and ripe blueberry, along with black Twizzlers (not sweet). The mid palate adds some creme brulee and a healthy slap of Altoid’s spice. The tannins are firm but do not get in the way. The finish starts off strong, but fades, though it never really goes away.

The 19 Crimes Red is a very solid summer Red wine, balanced, tasty, not one of those crazy over the top Shiraz (which I happen to love), and a moderate alcohol level. The 19 Crimes would pair well with pork on the grill and is balanced enough to accompany a strawberry vinaigrette pecan crusted chicken breast salad (to be overly specific). For the last few years, it seemed that only the very largest of Australian wine producers offerings could be found in the local wine shops, the smaller, unique, Aussie wines disappeared, I was glad to see the 19 Crimes in the local joint.  Well, I think the English screwed up, there is no wine produced in England worth talking about, but there are all sorts of awesome Aussie wines, they should have sent you to Australia for being good.

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