2010 Beck Zweigelt

The 2010 Beck Zweigelt is sourced from 4 Biodynamic vineyards each in one of the main grape growing areas/communes (Gols, Halbturn, Winden and Apetlon) in Burgenland, eastern Austria. This region is the warmest in Austria and the vineyards are located on the eastern side of Lake Neusiedl. The  Zweigelt grape was created by Fritz Zweigelt…

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Turn Me Red 2009

Turn Me Red 2009 is a blend of 70% Zweigelt and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon grown in the Burgenland growing region of Austria. The Zweigelt grape is a cross of Blaufrankish (known as Lemberger in Germany) and St. Laurent, a grape that is in the same family as Pinot Noir. The winemakers figured that a you…

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