{Noble Vines} 667 Pinot Noir 2012

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{Noble Vines} 667 Pinot Noir 2012


667 bottle 003The 2012 {Noble Vines} 667 Pinot Noir is sourced from DFV Vineyards own San Bernabe vineyard in Monterey along with grapes from the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA and the Arroyo Seco AVA, both located inside the larger Monterey AVA in California. {Noble Vines} is one of DFV Vineyards many labels, others include Gnarly Head, Brazin, Handcraft and Bota Box, the {Noble Vines} label is devoted to exploring grape clones. A grape clone is a variation in the grape, if they find a grape with the characteristics that are desirable they will propagate that particular variation by grafting a cutting of the vine to some rootstock, creating a clone of the vine. The 667 in the title is the Dijon 667 clone, a French Pinot Noir clone from the Burgundy region. The 667 Pinot Noir is primarily the Dijon 667 clone, but has some Dijon 115 clone added to enhance the aromas. This Pinot is aged in both French and American oak and the alcohol content is a rather stiff (for a Pinot Noir) 14.5%.

The color is a dark burgundy red with black highlights. The nose is cherry, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon spice and spice drop candy.  This is a medium bodied Pinot with rich flavors. It starts with black cherry, baking spices, licorice, a little candy bar chocolate and blueberry. The mid palate shows a little curry spice, a touch of earthiness, raspberry and vanilla. The tannins are smooth, the acidity does not show up until the finish and helps the fruit and spice linger for some time.

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The 2012 {Noble Vines} 667 Pinot Noir isn’t the most complex Pinot nor does it have impressive depth and length, but it is a very good, tasty, does a lot of things right Pinot Noir. It lists for $14.99 (I found it on sale for $9.99) and for anywhere in that price range it is a bargain. It has a little bit too much body to be one of those ethereal, expensive Pinots, but with that said it is a satisfying glass of wine in its own right. As for wine pairings, the 667 would rock with Popeye’s Fried Chicken or a Chipolte chicken burrito, that is not to say it wouldn’t do a home cooked meal proud, but it is always nice to class up some carry-out.



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