LaForet Bourgogne Chardonnay 2012

The 2012 Lalaforet burgundychard2012Foret Bourgogne Chardonnay is sourced from contracted grapes and juice from Chablis, Cote D’Or and Maconnais areas of the Burgundy wine region in France. The LaForet Chardonnay is the entry level Burgundy Chardonnay from Joseph Drouhin, a well respected Burgundy estate. Burgundy wines are extremely terrior driven, meaning the delicate, distinct differences a particular vineyard or section of vineyard brings to the grapes are highly prized. The LaForet is sourced from multiple vineyards in different sections of Burgundy and is terrior driven only in the wider sense that these are Burgundian grapes. This Chardonnay was aged for 7 to 8 months in stainless steel vats, but if they happen to score some higher end grapes, those grapes can be aged in used oak barrels, so this is predominately an unoaked Chardonnay. The alcohol content is 13%

The color is a crystal clear, very pale golden yellow. The nose is a combination of citrus and a flower bouquet, with a dash of orange blossom honey. The LaForet has a smooth, but husky mouthfeel, with an interest melange of flavors. This Chardonnay is a stew of flavors, there are apricots, apples, lemon, lime, honey and melon. The mid palate adds a soft, but persistent display of minerality with a salty nutty edge. The acidity is well integrated, it is definitely there, but never gets sharp or overbearing. The finish is soft, but does linger.

A screw cap, 15 buck (actually on-line its $10 to $16) Burgundy Chardonnay is a very cool thing. Wines from Burgundy are usually the exclusive domaine of Burgundy affectionados (they tend to prize fine, but expensive wines) and quality examples do not seem to be readily available to value wine drinkers. The LaForet does not taste or feel like a California Chardonnay, there are some similarities, but Burgundy Chardonnay is unique. Every Chardonnay lover should experience a Chard from Burgundy and the LaForet is a quality, affordable entry into a world of extraordinary wines.

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this wine was received as a sample


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