Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay 2017

Cheap Wine Finder Podcast
Cheap Wine Finder Podcast
Lindeman's Bin 65 Chardonnay 2017

cheap wine lindemans bin65 chardonnayIn this podcast episode, we bring cheap to a whole other level with the

Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay 2017

Listen in to see if real cheap is just too cheap.

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I like wine. All wine. Except expensive wine. Unless it's already at a party and it's free.

2 comments on “Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay 2017

  1. David says:

    would rather read Do enjoy your reports

  2. Domaine Dave says:

    Thanks, we aren’t stopping the written reviews, just adding a podcast

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