2009 Barton & Guestier Rose’ D’ Anjou

GoldLabelRoseDAnjou400x113The 2009 Barton and Guestier Rose’ is a blend that included a grape you probably have not had before,  70% Grolleau Noir and 30% Cabernet Franc. Grolleau Noir is grown mainly in the Anjou AOC of the Loire Valley in France. Barton and Guestier have been making wine since 1725. A Rose’ is made from red wine grapes, but the grape skins are left in the fermenting wine for a very short period of time, the wine gets a little of the grape skin color, but not too much. The alcohol content is a relatively light 10.5%.

The color is Barbie doll pink with a bit more than a hint of apricot. The nose is surprising, sweet strawberry combined with black pepper and buttery caramel. The mouth feel is light and refreshing and the flavors have a touch of sweetness. It tastes of cherries and strawberries in rich cream (no 2% milk here), this is not a complicated, layered wine, but it does not have to be to be highly enjoyable. What you get upfront is all you get, but I don’t care the Rose D’ Anjou tastes great. The finish is also fresh fruit in cream and it to lasts a long, long time.

The Barton & Guestier Anjou Rose’ is summertime in a bottle, light, refreshing and tasty, who needs iced tea when the can have a chilled bottle (or 3) of Rose’ D’ Anjou. This would work with brunch or even better with hot summer evenings. If you want to take the edge off of a long summers day and you don’t want a headache in the morning, the Rose’ of  Anjou is just what the doctor ordered.

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